Open Letter To City of Florence Chairman Porter Stewart Regarding Consolidated District Bill And Map

May 05, 2022

Chairman Porter Stewart

As you know the State Superintendent of Education is consolidating Florence District 1 with District 4. This email is to inform you of the legislative delegation effort to resolve issues arising out of consolidation. Once Superintendent Spearman consolidates on July 1, 2022 we want to make sure all residents of the consolidated district have representation.

After discussion with all members of the Florence delegation I have introduced a bill in the House to deal with the changes brought about by consolidation. The entire house delegation has sponsored. In addition to representation we want to make sure Timmonsville school residents are not forced to pay increased property taxes for bonding costs of Florence District One.

By law, the current board will be dissolved and the delegation will appoint the new board. I anticipate most board members will keep their seat. It is not our goal to cause disruption. There will need to be a decision made about who will represent the combined seats of 3 and 4. Refer to the attached map. A new majority/minority seat will be created for "Timmonsville" to make a total of 9 members as you currently have. Four will have to run for re-election in November 2022 and five in 2024. The entire delegation has reviewed this map. A super-majority has expressed support. No formal votes were taken.

Please distribute the attached bill and map to the other board members. I am available for conversation by email or phone.

I apologize for the suddenness of the bill but we only have 5 legislative days left on the calendar.


Phillip Lowe

Florence County Delegation Chairman