Physicians' Praise Of Slavery Raises Serious Questions About Safety Of Black Patients Receiving Medical Care In Sumter, South Carolina

May 17, 2022
Dr. Brenda Williams Dr. Brenda Williams

One would think that smart people do smart things. Physicians are hailed in society as being "smart people." This is not necessarily the case when it comes to physicians who in the midst of hospitals and other clinical settings, proclaim their praise of the enslavement of Black people in America as being a "necessary evil." Such a proclamation was made by one of my colleagues here in Sumter, South Carolina, not so very long ago, while in the presence of others with whom he felt comfortable and at ease to express himself openly and publicly in a clinical setting!
It is important for all of us Americans to be cognizant of the US Constitution's First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech...yes!

However, it is urgent to be aware of the fact that unbridled speech is dangerous...especially in the medical profession, and has the potential of causing harm to the lives and safety of patients whose care is entrusted to physicians who boldly and without hesitation or pause, announce to his co-workers and professional associates that he feels that slavery was good and necessary for Black people!

Physicians who provide medical care to Black people and at the same time, harbor beliefs and thoughts that the institution of slavery was a "good thing" for Black people, should be confined to practice in another profession which prevents them from ever coming into contact in any way, form or fashion with the healthcare and or welfare of Black people.

The message below that should resonate loud and clear with the entire medical community near and far:

Some physicians praise the enslavement of Black people in America while concomitantly providing medical care to Black patients. The handwriting is definitely on the wall. Prejudice and racism are very much alive and well...even in the medical profession, and believe it or not...even in Sumter, South Carolina!

Yours Sincerely,

Brenda C. Williams, MD

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