What Type Of World Do You Want?

by Elder James W. Williams
Elder James W. Williams Elder James W. Williams

This week we are writing in almost a daze because of all that is going on now. But I urge you not to forget that with all that is going on in Washington D.C., the fact remains that those who are more politically astute than we are, seem to think that all politics are local. With that said, let's look at some of the things going on. The Supreme Court, having turned strongly conservative and potentially being able to undo some of the things that we thought were resolved for this nation, makes them seemingly the most thought about entity. We think that Clarence Thomas and his wife Jeanie are the most interesting pair to be taken into consideration. He because of the potential influence he has on the court. And her because of her most radical exploits surrounding the insurrection. We can't help but think back to when we were writing about Rush Limbaugh and calling him the most dangerous man in America. But, oh, what a few years have brought us to. A dangerous world, where the cast of characters are unending. It is especially troublesome that the Secret Service has reportedly deleted emails that are important to the Jan.6 committee in their endeavor to complete their investigation of the insurrection. That adds a few others to the list of dangerous characters. When I say dangerous now, it’s not just because of the rhetoric, but how strategically they have managed to get themselves deployed as influencers. From the presidency to the courts, to leaders of the House of Representatives, the senate, and other lofty positions. And the sad thing is that many have little to no regard for our democracy. All while passing themselves off as champions thereof. One can only wonder if our democratic systems can stand up to this kind of assault. Not only is it being attacked from the outside, but from the inside as well. Interestingly enough, seemingly now everything is on the table, whereas in times past, they used one thing or the other, now there is nothing that is off limit. Race, religion, politics, and education are just a few of the things they use to cause disruption. There was a time when you could make an appeal to the middle, meaning those who had not been drawn so far, one way or the other, but now that crowd is getting smaller. There seems to now be fanatics on the conservative and liberal side. And we seem to be running out of tried-and-true solutions. We must say that conservatives seem to have a slight lead in the radical department. They have got crazies coming out of the woodwork. The liberals are playing a much more refined game. They are trying, for the most part, to show themselves as being on the people's side, but what they are doing in actuality is playing to the whims of the people. There is a reason why leaders are called leaders; they must possess the temerity to stand against the fool-heartedness of the multitudes and recommend that which represents sanity. Instead of going along with the insane and saying or doing what is popular. That in and of itself goes to show that good leaders are not in abundance today. It seems difficult for either group to separate themselves from the other because they are both too interested in being liked by the masses. The leaders that we need are probably among the lesser known, some thoughtful idealists, who may not even sense their leadership capabilities. Therein lies the reason for us all to pray that God will raise up the next Moses or Joshua to lead his people. We speak more in terms of a type than a literal being. Leaders must be able to address the irony of the past while always pointing to a new and definitive hope for the future. They must be able to not downplay the horribleness of the past, while at the same time causing you to see the possibilities that lie ahead for the future. They must be bold and courageous enough to inflame the public with emotions but humble enough to cause them not to get carried away in their passions. Simply stated, leaders must be able to lead and not follow most men's whimsical and often misplaced ideas. We don't know why we were led to write about this subject matter that we find ourselves writing about now, but we are hopeful that it will cause you to consider where we are in this time and age and who the player are that are calling themselves leaders. We believe that now is a critical time for introspection of our own ideas, values, and beliefs. Consider for a moment if the present-day leaders are equivocating any ideals or directions that you feel comfortable following. It appears we are headed in the wrong direction when it comes to choosing good leaders. And that could come from having misguided thoughts about where we are and where we are headed. Is there some simple way to say that we are headed home? Have you stopped to think about where you are going to spend eternity? We would encourage you to do a little soul searching, it might help us all understand why our world is getting more uncertain and crazier every day, or at the least, you might be able to determine if you are on the right side or not. With the massive number of issues vying for our attention, it is superfluous for us to believe we have an answer to them all. But what we need to do, is consider whether you will play a positive or negative role in indemnifying ourselves against the potential harm that could come from having such a host of bad players attempting to corrupt the thinking of as many as possible, by polluting the atmosphere with false or misleading information. Even some of the media is playing the game of polarizing the public with slanted reporting. They pander to many people's need to hear or relish in the negative. So, my recommendation for you this week is for you to consider what type of world you want and plan your participation on being a part of bringing about your expected outcome. So, WAKE UP!

Sincerely Yours, Making The Right Choices And Not Listening To Fools.

Elder, James W. Williams

Chairperson, Advocacy Organization, Lifelineplus