Some Christians Follow A Few Of The Ten Commandments

by James J. Hankins—Retired Vocational Teacher

Letter to Editor

A six-foot five, two-hundred pound, career “strong arm” robber spotted a five-foot six, one-hundred-and-fifty-pound man and the dark street was empty. The “macho man” jumped the helpless light weight man and said in a rough voice “give me your money or I will give you the beating of your life”. The victim said “yes sir” and opened his top coat so he could reach his money. The part time, Christmas and Easter Christian robber saw the man was wearing a white clerical collar. When he looked around, he saw they were in front of a catholic church. The former altar boy said “please forgive me Father I can’t rob you. The priest gave the robber his blessings and then offered him a cigarette to calm his nerves. The robber said “no thank you father I gave up smoking for Lent. (smile)