Open Letter: A Web Of Lies And Deception

by Dr. Gary L. Burgess, Sr., Spokesperson The Florence County School District Four Board of Trustees

Editor’s Note:

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To Superintendent Spearman, The Florence County Legislative Delegation, and Florence One Board of Trustees:

So, what was assumed by the good people of Timmonsville has been true all along. The rich and powerful in Florence Four see no benefit in educating the Black and working class Whites of Timmonsville and have used the political apparatus to gain complete control of the people, the people's children, their property and all of their resources.
Once the property taxes increase in Florence Four those people will be pushed out. The plan by Spearman, and those who control Spearman, was never about educating the students. It was and still is about control, power and money.

O'Malley will now get an increase in his tremendous salary, the high school and middle school will be closed, the elementary school will exist in name only (?) for a small group of elite students, the students will be bused for hours into a foreign district, the county delegation (including those Black members) would have done their job in returning the land to the ruling class, the Florence One School Board (including those Black members) will vote as they did to effectuate the Spearman/Stewart Plan of free tuition to implement the Spearman/Stewart ungodly scheme on Thursday, January 13, 2022, the Florence Morning News (a dying third tier newspaper) will continue to print one sided stories for the rich and powerful in hopes of staying afloat, Kimberly Mack with the Office of Transformation will continue to dance for Spearman without the compensation being offered to O'Malley, Teresa Gamble principal in charge of the Timmonsville Education Complex will continue to be blinded sided by the puppet master, the Transition Committee- what Transition Committee?, the children of Timmonsville (Black and working class Whites) will continue to be treated like enslaved people, the good White Christians in Florence One and Florence County will continue to behave as though they are doing what's best for the poor and the Black, the Blacks who assume they are "elite" and powerful will continue to do the systems bidding- ducking, dodging and lying in hopes of keeping the crumbs from the master's table.

Let's see how all of this works out. Fortunately, Spearman does not have the last word in this life or the life to come. Spearman, Stewart, the Florence One Board, the Florence County State Legislative Delegation have spun lies, a web of lies and deception in order to kill Florence County School District Four, Timmonsville.
Nonetheless, Dum Spiro Spero- "While I breathe, I hope."

Dr. Gary L. Burgess, Sr., Spokesperson

The Florence County School District Four Board of Trustees