January 21, 2021

Danielle Nicole Lawson - General Sessions Bench Warrants (Drugs/Trafficking In Meth. Or Cocaine Base-10g Or More, But Less Than 28g- 1st Offense And Drugs/Manuf., Poss. Of Other Sub. In Sch. I, II, III Or Flunitrazepam Or Analogue, Witd, 1st Offense);

White Female (Dob 05-07-1987)

1164 Hannah Dr, Florence, SC

Sharon Suzette Johnson - General Sessions Bench Warrant (Drugs/Possession Of Less Than One Gram Of Meth. Or Cocaine Base, 1st Offense);

Black Female (Dob 09-30-1971)

3214 E. Linda Dr, Florence, SC

Kegan William Smith - General Sessions Bench Warrants (Drugs/Poss. Of Narc. In Schedule I (B), (C), Lsd & Schedule Ii Or Sub Offense And Drugs/Possession Of Less Than One Gram Of Meth. Or Cocaine Base, 3rd Or Sub Offense);

White Male (Dob 02-19-1996)

1998 Pine Bluff Rd, Pamplico, SC

Lakevis Antruan Maloye - General Sessions Bench Warrants (Shoplifting/Value $2000 Or Less);

Black Male (Dob 01-27-1972)

320 ½ S 5th St, Florence, SC

Tony Allen Powers - General Sessions Bench Warrant (Shoplifting/Value $2000 Or Less)

White Male (Dob 12-17-1963)

936 Turner Rd, Florence, SC

Joseph Lawrence Ford Jr - General Sessions Bench Warrant (Weapons/Unlawful Carrying Of Pistol);

White Male (Dob 04-04-1980)

3620 Bobwhite Trail, Effingham, SC