Alexis Pipkins To Be Recognized By Harvard University’s African American National Biography

April 29, 2022
Alexis Pipkins, Sr. Alexis Pipkins, Sr.

For 17 years, Dr. Wanda Fernandopulle has been a contributing writer for Harvard University's African American National Biography, where she helps to preserve African American history. Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. is an Editor in Chief. According to Fernandopulle, the history of African Americans must continue to be shared with the world. The journey for African Americans has not been easy, but we have continued to persevere and we have triumphed. Our history must never be erased or buried. Young African American children must always be educated about their history, and they must be proud of their identify. In the face of challenges, African Americans have significantly contributed to society.

Education has always been historically important in the African American community. It is good to see African Americans in communities around the world who continue to be advocates for education. Dr. Fernandopulle has selected Mr. Alexis Pipkins, a local African American school board member of Florence District #1, to be included in the African American National Biography/Oxford University Press, and it has been approved. Mr. Pipkin’s biographical entry will go down in history! It is important that the work of African Americans, like Mr. Alexis Pipkins, continues to be recognized and documented for future generations. Mr. Pipkin’s biographical entry will be preserved in one, if not the most, prestigious publication in the world. I hope that Mr. Pipkin’s life story will inspire others to tell their stories. It is urgent for African Americans to continue to tell their own stories.