June 28th Runoff Elections

June 24, 2022

Voters will be able to head back to the polls starting Wednesday, June 22, 2022 to cast their ballots for the June 28th primary runoff elections.

These runoffs will decide which candidates will appear on the ballot in the November general election, after no one in those races received more than 50% of the vote plus 1, in last week’s primaries.

Everyone who voted in the June primary is eligible to cast their ballots in a runoff. However, they can only vote in the party’s runoff in which they voted in the primary, so someone who voted in the Republican primary may vote in the statewide Republican runoff and any Republican runoffs applicable to the area where they live. People who did not vote in the June primary can also vote in either party’s runoffs, but they have to pick one, as they cannot vote in both.

Under South Carolina’s new election law, early in-person voting will be available this week from Wednesday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with at least one early voting site open in each county. Voters will need to bring their photo ID or voter registration card.

The list of races in the June 28 runoff:

U.S. Senate (D):

Catherine Fleming Bruce received 4,547 (41%) votes

Angela Geter received 3,693 (34%) votes


Sheriff (R):

Keith Thomas received 1,327 (28%) votes

Cambo Streater received 1,916 (39%) votes


County Council At-Large (D):

Maryann Blake received 573 (30%) votes

Hiram EM Davis received 818 (43%) votes


State House District 101 (D):

Roger K. Kirby received 2,761 (48%) votes

Cezar McKnight received 2,667 (48%) votes

City Council District 1 (D):

LaShonda Nesmith-Jackson 326 (43%) votes

Isaac “Gin” Wilson received 132 (17%) votes


State House District 106 (R):

Val Guest received 2,632 (38%) votes

Brian Sweeney received 2,185 (32%) votes

County Council Chair (R):

Johnny Gardner received 12,104 (25%) votes

Mark Lazarus received 18,396 (39%) votes

County Council District 8 (R):

Mikey Mash Masciarelli received 1,349 (34%) votes

Brandon Skipper received 1,106 (28%) votes

Board of Education Chair (R):

David E Cox received 18,057 (42%) votes

Helen Mason Smith received 14,927 (34%) votes


Joel Rogers received 325 (50%) votes

Mitchell Gause received 155 (24%) votes

County Council District 5 (D):

Tarus G Gilchrist received 188 (48%) votes

Reginald Washington received 109 (28%) votes


County Council District 4 (D):

Thomas Pie Johnson received 109 (30%) votes

Pearly C Lawson received 155 (43%) votes