Historically Black College and University Students “Discover the Unexpected” and Recieve $18,000

June 16, 2023

Ten HBCU students from around the country will gather in Detroit to start a 10-week immersive internship in marketing and communications, learning content creation and familiarizing themselves with the technological advancements that power the automotive industry.

Fellows will work alongside National Newspaper Publication Association (NNPA) journalists and Chevrolet marketing teams while experiencing the all-new 2024 Chevrolet Trax on a group road trip to grow their professional skills, collaborate on innovative and challenging assignments, and document their journey on social media. This is the seventh year Chevrolet and the NNPA have hosted the Discover the Unexpected (DTU) internship program.

The 2023 DTU mentors and ambassadors, all HBCU graduates, will provide professional insight, encouragement and advice to students throughout their DTU journey. Television host and actor Terrence Jenkins (known as Terrence J) returns to DTU for his third year as an ambassador.

“Having support and opportunities during your college years is invaluable and will set you on a path of lifelong success,” said Jenkins. “As a proud HBCU graduate, I am thrilled to collaborate with Chevrolet and the NNPA again to uplift the next generation of talented journalists, marketers and content creators.”

Justin “Mr. Fascinate” Shaifer, a STEM advocate and educator, is also returning to DTU for his third year as student mentor. ESPN sports journalist and HBCU Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) alum Tiffany Greene joins DTU as a new guest mentor.

This summer, two DTU alumni will start their professional careers at General Motors. Raza El, a two-time DTU fellow, will join GMC as an SUV and truck analyst.

“I presented to the CMOs of GM and Chevrolet, and the research I did was actually used,” said El. “It was work that I could put my name on even as an intern.”

Ashley McJunkin will join Chevrolet as the Silverado assistant advertising marketing manager.

“I loved my team, the work environment, culture and values,” said McJunkin. “My DTU experience confirmed that this is what I want to do, and this is the team that I want to be a part of.”

Steve Majoros, chief marketing officer, Chevrolet, said it has been the brand’s honor to watch the growth of the DTU program over the years.

“DTU reinforces Chevrolet’s commitment to HBCUs, allowing students an opportunity to gain experience, mentorship and support to set themselves up for a successful future,” said Majoros. “DTU helps us keep a finger on the pulse of the younger and more diverse buyers who will drive our future and strengthen the diversity of our marketing talent.”

The Chevy DTU program would not be where it is today without Dr. Benjamin Chavis, NNPA President and CEO.

“I am passionate, excited and humbled about the continual success and evolution of our relationship with Chevrolet for DTU,” said Chavis. “This is a life changing opportunity for HBCU students, professionally and personally, preparing them for their professional careers.”

The DTU internships will take place from June 5 to August 11, commencing in Detroit with a three-day boot camp. Upon completion of the program, Chevrolet and the NNPA will award each fellow $18,000 between scholarships and stipends, totaling over $750,000 to date. To learn more about Discover the Unexpected, visit https://www.nnpa.org/chevydtu/.