Rev. Dr. Frederick Haynes III, Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s Next Leader

July 20, 2023
Rev. Dr. Frederick Douglass Haynes III Rev. Dr. Frederick Douglass Haynes III

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has stepped down from his presidential role with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, but the legendary civil rights activist is leaving the social justice organization in good hands.

The Rev. Frederick Douglass Haynes III is slated to become the next president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Jackson handed over the reins to the Dallas luminary on Sunday with help from Vice Presidents Kamala Harris at the organization’s 57th annual conference.

In a press release, Haynes said he was “honored” to be carrying on Jackson’s incredible legacy. “As a student of Rev. Jackson’s, I am honored to be selected for this prestigious and important position,” Haynes said.

“The role Rainbow PUSH Coalition plays today is just as critical as it was in 1963 when the organization was founded. Our communities need organizations like Rainbow PUSH to not only continue the fight for justice and equality but to shepherd the next generation of advocates into the movement.”

Haynes, 62, has what it takes to follow in the civil rights icon’s legendary footsteps. Born in Dallas, the community leader and longtime pastor grew up watching his father Rev. Frederick D. Haynes Jr. lead a life of service.